XBOX Betting

One of the most popular video game consoles is the Xbox 360, and betting on Xbox will now only let you play the games you love, but it will also let you play the games for some cold hard cash. If you are a good player, than this could prove to be a solid way not only to make some cash, but also pay for future games or even your console. Xbox Betting will provide you with a safe and secure location for wagering against anyone on any number of games. Regardless of what genre of games you wish to play, you should be able to find them through some of the Betting on Xbox sites.

Betting on the Xbox not only covers the Xbox 360 but also the standard Xbox. Both systems have Internet capabilities, and both systems have a wide number of games. Each system has games of many genres, including sports games, which cover the most extensive list of games found through the Betting on Xbox, while you will also see some of the shooting games, such as Halo and Call of Duty, then a few racing games, fighting games, and even some miscellaneous games.

How Betting On XBOX Works

If you are trying to get into some Betting on Xbox you will first want to consider how the betting functions. These games function quite similarly to poker tournaments. You will pay a buy-in and be entered into a tournament. The tournament can hold two or more players, depending on the game in question. Obviously some games will only be able to accommodate two players, but other games can hold four, eight, or more players. The stakes can be as low or as high as you wish, but the prize will be determined according to how many players are taking part in the event. The more players, the higher the prize pool, and the more winnings that are at hand.

After an event is over, players will have to verify their winnings. In order to do so, both players will have to agree on the results of the event. After the results are verified by both players, or one player providing proof about the outcome, the winnings will be credited to the account of the victor. The whole ordeal will only be finalized after all players agree on an outcome or proof is provided in an investigation launched by the site providing the betting on xbox. Regardless of what happens, you will never be at a loss if you did happen to be the winner of the event.

Betting On XBOX Security

Security is a big issue for many players, which is why we have gone through great lengths to make sure that the games will be completely safe and secure no matter which betting sites you use. The security measures in place will keep you safe on many fronts, not only from other players trying to cheat you out of your winnings or from the site failing to securely process a withdrawal. We have tested each of the best Xbox betting sites in order to make sure all of our players will be kept in the money as they gamble through these sites. If you are unsure of how the whole process works, each different site with betting on xbox will have a complete FAQ for you to read on how they keep their players safe.

Top XBOX Betting Site

GamerSaloon has made it so players do not have to worry about any of the processes involved in betting on xbox. In fact, they have gone out of their way to provide the safest environment for xbox gambling possible. In no event will they allow their players to be mistreated, either by their staff or by other players. They offer a wide array of games, covering most genres found through the xbox system. GamerSaloon also offers a great number of deposit methods, easy withdrawals for winnings, and even a little deposit bonus that will help you along.

When we joined GamerSaloon we found a very extensive list of both Xbox and Xbox 360 games. For betting on Xbox purposes, this list was large enough to accommodate all of our wishes. Sports games, shooting games, board games, Guitar Hero matches, fighting games, and everything else you could imagine. Games were running around the clock, so there was always a tournament in which you could participate.

The first part of our xbox betting forced us to make a deposit into their site so we had a bankroll with which we could gamble. They took all major credit cards, ranging from VISA and MasterCard to even American Express and Discover Card. The easiest deposit method, however, was PayPal. PayPal could even be used as a withdrawal method. The only other withdrawal method was through a check. If you did not have any of the options available, funding your Betting on Xbox account could be done by mailing GamerSaloon a paper check.

Every preventative measure is in place through GamerSaloon. This will keep all of your wagering totally secured. Like eBay, GamerSaloon uses a reputation meter. If someone had ripped off a player, they add negative feedback. Positive feedback is a good indication that your opponent will not try to take your winnings away from you. Disputes are available in the event that a player did not want to pay up, so you may want to keep a camera handy in order to take screenshots of the results of your game.

Customer service is available through GamerSaloon, and they will help you with any problem you may encounter while betting on xbox. Technical issues, financial issues, or player issues can all be handled through their customer support team. Their phone lines are open weekdays from noon to eight, while their e-mail can be reached at any time, day or night. Check for ways to bet on sports online.

Betting On XBOX FAQ

What is the legal age for betting on the xbox?

18 is the legal age in most jurisdictions. Check your local laws however.

Is this betting on the xbox legal?

Yes, all of these are totally legal in nearly every jurisdiction.

What happens in the event that I lose my connection?

If you lose your connection, simply resume the game from where you left off or contact service for assistance.

Can I play with my friends around the country?

You may play against any player with an account using the same service as your own.

Are any of these sites a scam?

All of the betting on Xbox sites we have here are totally legit and safe. We cannot speak for any other site, however.